Health & Safety – Don’t get caught out!

Don’t get caught out with the old light tan coloured Health & safety Law Poster being on display. The long standing Health & safety at Work poster that companies should prominently display has been replaced with a new version some time ago, but both were legal to have in place. The validity of the old […]

Company, Product & Cargo Inspections

As well as our current Training, Consultancy and Auditing around the world, using out network of Standards Auditors and Inspectors, we are now introducing an inspection service for customers who wish our local inspectors to verify any or all of the following: Company Verification: Ensuring the legal entity and track record of a selected company […]

Office Art

Our Director & Principal auditor has recently purchased a new oil painting for his office from a talented artist he met on a recent business trip to Poland. Currently staring at an empty wall, he has been advised he can’t take possession until it has been released from the gallery of her work in Warsaw. […]

Your Feedback Matters!

As any owner of a company knows, you can occasionally become complacent with the way your business runs day to day. You can take for granted repeat business, word by mouth and regular income, but the most valuable feedback a company can gain on whether it is running as smoothly as one might think, is […]

ISO Standards Available for China

Our new office will be opening in China around the end of March this year, it will be operated by our Bi-Lingual standards auditing expert with the backup of our Audit team in England to ensure our customers reach full compliance, and can proudly exhibit their Accredited Certification to their chosen standards. Reaching this compliance […]

Standards Are Changing

It has been announced that the three most popular standards used globally are being updated: 9001 – Quality, 14001-Environmental, 18001-Health & Safety. 9001 and 14001 are due for completion in 2015 whereas 18001, which is also being renamed, is due in 2016. Our first thought, not very good for those clients who come to us […]

Global ISO Certification Services

As ISO Certification Services increases its presence around the world, offering assistance through to certification for many ISO and other international standards, it makes sense to make full use of the skills available to us through the expertise of our trained staff. We now have available the facilities to offer both second party inspections of […]

A Recent Trip To Poland

On a recent cold, but successful trip to Poland, the customer we went to audit introduced us to other engineering companies that also want certifications to be put in place, so despite the cold, our Director returned pleased with the trip. Whilst there he also met a talented artist who spends most of her inspirational […]

New ISO/IEC 27001

Preventing and protecting companies from cyber-attacks while helping them to secure their information assets, the revised version of the information security management system standard ISO/IEC 27001 is now available. As numbers of security breaches affecting UK businesses continue to rise, both large and small organisations benefit from having procedures in place to secure their information […]

ISO Certification Services – New Office Premises

Continuing to enjoy expansion, ISO Certification Services are delighted to be moving into larger office premises in central Bournemouth. We are currently fitting our new office out, equipping staff with the very latest technology to ensure they have access to the best communication and security systems, enabling them to continue to deliver an exceptional service […]