A Beginners Guide to Certification

What is Certification? ISO stands for the International Standards Organisation. It is made up of 50 member countries around the world. Organisations have standards to show that they have certain procedures in place to ensure conformity when producing a product or service. There are several different standards that you may want to choose from. Some […]

Wind Farms gain new Standard for Ports and Marine Operations

With energy consumption increasing worldwide, it is up to the human race to find alternative, environmentally friendly and sustainable energy resources. One of which is wind farming. There have been many debates on how exactly ‘environmentally friendly’ wind turbines are, and some will say that they visually spoil our stunning British countryside and seas. However […]

They seek it here, they seek it there

We have for some years been associated with a team of Rodent Control Specialists as their ISO Auditors, controlling creatures of various sizes that can cause devastation through disease and destruction. There are of course many ways of controlling rodents, capture, poison and rifles to name a few. Our Birmingham based customers use all of […]

Up, Up and Away!

Our latest Client, a Helicopter Operations Company, a highly skilled team of professional ex RAF pilots servicing the needs of Oil Rigs, and Super-Yachts. Not only do they fly to and from stationary landing platforms, floating ones too, with all the skill that it requires. They have now asked us to add our expertise to […]

Is ISO 9001 The Most Important ISO Standard In The Range?

ISO 9001 is the most commonly requested ISO Standard, with well over one million companies registered as holders around the world. It measures your company’s quality of supply for either physical product or service, the quality emphasis on fitness for purpose. It shares a lot of its requirements with many other standards, things like document […]

Well done Jon

Well done Jon – You had the courage to invite your wife, Julia, to jump out of an aircraft by parachute for her Christmas present. You should be applauded for your bravery, either that or Julia was so desperate to leave that she was willing to take the risk of landing at close to the […]

Business Continuity Management – What is it?

In all of life’s day to day scenarios, the majority of us have contingency plans for daily hiccups. If we burn dinner, we pick up the takeaway menu. If we can’t collect our children from school, we ask the grandparents to help out. If we run out of sugar for tea and coffee, we raid […]

Types of ISO Audits

Types Of Audits Available – Now There’s A Choice The certification offered by jointly by our partners and our audit/certification body is accredited by two different accreditation bodies, both of which operate on a worldwide basis. The first and most well known in ASCB which accredits all IQS audit staff visited operations globally, the second […]

Working in the USA & Canada

How We Work – We start by removing the stress! Producing a system that is easy to operate, and aids compliance just by completing our ready made forms Between us we can offer a full start up through to Certification Service that is compliant to the standard(s) you choose, using only fully skilled operating and […]

A new service from ISO Certification Services

Those of our clients who year in year out receive a quality Accredited Standards audit and certification from us will continue to do so. Those organisations who we cannot reasonably get to, due to perhaps distant locality have been missing out on our service, but not any longer. We, in line with our partners, have […]