Updates to ISO 14001

Did you know ISO 14001 is the most popular standard for environmental management? Also, did you know ISO 14001 has been under review, with a final draft expected in early 2015! Considering the first version of ISO 14001 was published back in 2004, so much has happened within the last 10 years! People’s opinions and […]

Updates to ISO 9001

Did you know that all ISO standards are reviewed every five years – This exercise is carried out to establish if an ISO revision is required to keep the ISO standard both current and relevant to its sector. Next years edits to the ISO 9001 standard will respond to recent trends and become closely linked […]

Customer Feedback

Receiving positive customer feedback is very important to us – We believe in putting our customers first and delivering a quality service day in day out. On that note; I was recently shown a 22 page report that one of our customer’s got from a client auditing them, which in effect is a review of […]

Good Communication

Good communication is one of the many reasons why ISO Certification Services has grown as a company in recent years – It is something we actively try to do better, develop and improve within our business. Better communication often means happier clients… Did you know we have new VoIP telephone system setup at our offices; […]

Beware Fake ISO Certificates

An ISO Certificate is a valuable asset to most companies, and should only be available to those who have earned the right to display it. Justly acquired, it should give customers of the holder the confidence they need to use the services of the holder with peace of mind. Sadly, as with any valuable asset, […]

The benefits of ISO 9001

There are many reasons as to why an ISO Certification can benefit a company; today we are looking at the benefits of ISO 9001. Ok, firstly ISO 9001 will allow you to become a more consistent competitor – Let me ask you this; is it time to shake up the marketplace? ISO 9001 also delivers […]

ISO Certification Cost

What is the cost of ISO Certification? Good question! This answer will depend on the kind of company you own (or run), your sector, location, turnover and the number of employees you have. For a quick no obligation ISO Certification quote please visit isocertificationservice.com/quote Did you know that ISO Certification Services pledge to beat any […]

The importance of a lunch break…

Reading the BBC business pages this morning I noticed an article trying to encourage staff and employers to take decent breaks after a study suggested most people work through there lunch! It appears that those of us that do eat lunch, eat lunch behind our desk… This got me thinking about the ISO 9000 family, […]

What Next For ISO 14001?

Last week the President of the United States, Mr Barack Obama, announced a new bid for cutting carbon to help fight climate change. This is great news for all, especially ISO 14001 as it is now one step closer to a new version following detailed discussions about the environmental management system standard. Also on the […]

ISO Certification in the USA

Over the past 3 years we have seen our workload grow in the USA both for consultancy and the annual auditing of ISO Standards which are recognised globally. We are advised by our USA based clients that it costs them less to have our Auditors travel to America than it does to use locally based […]