Benefits of ISO 10002

There are many benefits to implementing ISO 10002, these include; better customer retention, a solid brand reputation, operational efficiency, better communications, relations and the on-going improvements within a company. ISO 10002 provides a basis for review and analysis of the complaints-handling process; it is all about identifying where improvements can be made. Lets face it; […]

ISO/TS 16949 Auditing

What were the main changes to ISO/TS 16949 and how did they influence your business this year? Well, changes to ISO/TS 16949 earlier this year (Fully Implemented – April 1st 2014) intended to strengthen the value of this ISO certification – new focus was put on areas where ISO/TS 16949 appeared not to have been […]

Benefits of HACCP

So what are the benefits of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)? Well, HACCP is all about food safety and food system designed to detect and control hazards within a food production process. Although the main goal of HACCP is food safety, there are many other benefits acquired through HACCP implementation, these include; increased customer […]

Who should use BS 7984?

The main companies to use a BS7984 Keyholding standard include; Security companies and agencies, building management companies, local authorities and those promoting compliance with any form of Keyholding operation. All business owners should understand the risks associated with having their own employees as Key Holders. With this in mind, some independent companies will offer mobile […]

Special Offer

The current version of ISO 9001 in effect is dated 2008. Next year, a fully revised version dated 2015 will be released with an implementation period probably of two years. Therefore we are offering all new customers a one time fixed set up fee of £500.00 plus VAT (£600.00 in total unless VAT exempt) for […]

Frequently Asked Questions

ISO Certification Services is pleased to introduce a new ISO FAQ’s page – Ever wondered; what is ISO? Who issues ISO certifications? What will an ISO certificate cost to maintain? Can anyone issue an ISO certificate? Is my ISO certificate valid? Our Frequently Asked Questions page is designed to help answer these questions, providing valuable […]

Beware Of Signing Contracts

I believe the law states that if a contract is not reasonable it should not be enforceable. A member of our team was recently asked to appear in court as a witness because a company had signed a 5 year deal with an ISO Certification company which was not accredited and therefore their main customer […]

New Agents in New Locations

Here at ISO Certification Services we are delighted to announce new agents in new locations! In recent weeks we have been busy making updates to our website, developing unique pages for Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Bahrain to name but a few… Did you know we have audit and inspection staff located throughout the UK, Europe, […]

Measuring Your Water Footprint

So, what does it mean to “measure your water footprint”? In today’s environmentally conscious world, we know; every drop of water counts! The ISO 14046 is a standard to measure your water footprint – ISO 14046 delivers principles, requirements and procedures for conducting and reporting a water footprint. The ISO 14046 has been setup to […]